IDName of the OfficerPhone Number
1District Collector9491041488
2Joint Collector9491041415
3Joint Collector-II9491041419
4District Revenue Officer9491041422
5Police- DIG of Police, Eluru Range9490618572
7Police- Addl. S.P.9440796601
8Police- Vigilance S.P.- RV &EO8008203317
9DRDA- P.D.,9959224301
10Medical-D.M. & H.O.9949623985
11Panchayat Raj- D.P.O9949903122,9949903321
12Irrigation- S.E.9701375830
13Fire- D.F.O9949991058
14Agriculture- J.D.8886613030
15Animal Husbandry-J.D.9989932844
16Panchayat Raj Engg.- S.E.9441296298
17R&B - S.E.9440818025
18RWS - S.E.9100121200
19Transport- D.T.C9848528329
20NIC- D.I.O9885632251
21Fisheries- J.D.9440814728
22Civil Supplies- D.M.7702003552
23Civil Supplies- D.S.O8008301552
24District Industries Center- G.M.9640909821
25Industries- K.V.I.B- D.D9440814633
26Inspector of Factories (DSCIF)9441143266
27RTC- R.M.9959225479
28Telecom- BSNL SGM9490000698
29APEPDCL- S.E.9440812702
30Women & Child Welfare- P.D.9440814587
31Public Relations- AD, I&PR9949351598

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